The music program at Qatar Academy Msheireb allows students to enjoy, explore, communicate and express themselves through music. They  learn that people from around the world express ideas and feelings through music in many different ways. 

Singing is the foundation of the classroom program from early years to Grade 5 with language acquisition and reading skills an important focus. Through a wide variety of songs and singing games, students learn about the concepts of music. Rhythm, tempo, dynamics, pitch, articulation, structure, tone color and expression are explored. Students understand that music is a language that can be notated and interpreted. Motor skills, memory skills and social-emotional development are incorporated into the program through games and movement activities. Students discuss, compare and analyze music using musical terminology. 

Performing on tuned and untuned percussion instruments and learning the ukulele enable students to experience the joy of making music in a group. Through playing simple borduns to more complex patterns, they  improve their sense of rhythm, learn ensemble skills as well as how to interpret scores and understand how music is organized. Students learn about musicians, instruments and musical styles from around the globe to appreciate the different ways in which other cultures express themselves.

The Qatar Academy Msheireb Choir rehearses weekly all year and performs regularly. The choir extends musical skills and offers those who love performing regular opportunities to do so. Ukulele Club rehearses weekly and is offered for students in Grades 2-5. The annual QAM production gives students the opportunity to perform at a high level.