English as an Additional Language (EAL) at QAM:

The EAL program at Qatar Academy Msheireb(QAM) provides a bridge between the student’s first language, and English. The program draws on similarities and differences between the two languages and cultures. This gives the students a reference for learning, and allows him/her to make connections and celebrate both cultures.The program is implemented by WIDA qualified teachers, trained in working with students, for whom English is an additional language.

At QAM, the teachers focus on enhancing and accelerating the language growth of each student. A Pull-out and Push-in model is adopted, based on the student’s need.The EAL program is supported by mainstream teachers, and specialists, in collaboration with the EAL teachers.The pull-out model focuses on the student’s receptive and expressive language skills, through the modalities of reading and writing. As part of the push-in model, the student is supported by an EAL teacher, in-class, while gradually learning to academically integrate into his/her mainstream classroom.

The EAL program at QAM promotes integration and inclusion, and aims towards students rejoining the mainstream classroom, based on the student’s progress.

Students are identified for the EAL program through WIDA testing, MAP testing scores, and/or reading benchmark scores.The identification process begins at Kindergarten. Further to this, students in grade 1 to 5, with reading /writing skills below grade level, are assessed as needed, to determine servicing. EAL students remain in the program until it is determined, through testing, that they have reached a specific language proficiency level.